Tea Time & Healthy Baby Bumps

This was actually the second maternity session for this glowing lady, and only one day away from her due date no less! Robyn Lilley is a long time friend, who also happens to own and operate her own organic food and skincare business.  For the past 10 years, she has also devoted herself to teaching private classes about nourishing food and skincare. Her first maternity session was a gorgeous outdoor session (SEE PHOTOS HERE) , but this time, she wanted to capture and share some of the organic products that she used throughout her pregnancy. Here are some insights and tips that helped her through the last nine months....

When I found out I was pregnant, I made an extra effort to be especially careful because I didn’t want anything I was doing to negatively harm my baby.
As a food educator and skincare formulator, I consider myself at a learning advantage because I have already spent a great deal of time learning about and switching out the unhealthy products in my cupboards for cleaner versions. I’ve also learned about what products are the best for skin, and what toxic ingredients to avoid. I steered clear of products containing sulfates, SLS, petroleum, formaldehyde, parabens, or synthetic frangrances.
Like many first-time mothers, I was concerned about not getting stretch marks on my tummy. I decided I would totally accept them if I got them, but I would try to avoid them if I could (although hereditary might determine it too). I created a daily ritual of massaging my body with my Radiant Facial Serum and Whipped Body Butter (occasionally coconut or avocado oil too). This daily routine ended up benefiting me in so many ways that I hadn’t even planned on.
The Surprising Benefits:
1. This was something I could commit to and control, when so many other things felt out of my control
2. Each day, while taking time to massage, I would discover small but subtle changes in my body, and learn to accept and appreciate these changes
3. Massaging my tummy in the morning and at night helped me to connect with my baby
4. The aromatherapy of lavender and frankincense from my Radian facial serum was calming, comforting, and grounding to me
5. My growing belly remained moisturized and I never experienced the itchy skin that many pregnant women endure

If you'd love to know more about Robyn Lilley's Skincare and other organic products, I highly recommend visiting her Website (CLICK HERE).  You can also visit her blog to learn more about her journey and other protocols she uses for food, drinks, and skincare. 


Products featured in this Maternity/Product photoshoot:  Radiant Facial Serum, Green Glow Mask Powder, Bliss Balls, Love & Body Butter. You can buy any of these products HERE.