Lethbridge Real Estate Photography Portfolio & Details

If you are a Realtor or Private Seller, than you know you have to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other agents and listings out there. Professional Real Estate Photography can do exactly this for you! Besides wowing your sellers with amazing photos of their homes, images are the first impression for buyers that start their search online. Social Media Marketing is essential for success. Professional images compliment an effective marketing campaign by attracting interest in a property. Perhaps you take your own photos, or hire someone with a camera to take them who isn't up to true professional standards. Here are some ways to tell if real estate images are of professional standards:

  1. Are perspectives correct and the walls perfectly straight? If not, the house will look like it's leaning. Shooting from head height will create angles that make the room look much smaller than it is.

  2. Are the photos hazy, lacking contrast or unnatural color? This is a result of newbie photographers overusing HDR post-processing techniques. I utilize off camera flash and blended exposures to help the viewer feel like they’re actually in the room and not looking at a painting.

  3. Do the views out the window always look unnaturally sharp or clear? This is also due to bad HDR processing techniques. Often if the view is not amazing, you will want your clients to focus on the attributes of the house, and not on the neighbour's garbage bins.

If you'd love to up your game and stand out professionally, book your next listing with me and experience the noticeable difference! I'd love to work with you and provide excellent service, including 24 hour delivery of images. 

Real Estate Agents

Standard photos require 1-2 hours onsite and are delivered within 24 hours. I utilize professional gear to create images that are sharp, with proper lighting and perspective so that the property is presented in the best possible way to your potential buyers. Pricing starting at $150, and varies depending on size, location, and complexity of property.

High End photos edited in 2-3 days. Requires 2-4 hours on site. Includes detailed lighting and editing techniques to create a polished finished image that can be used for web or print promotion. Strongly recommended for higher end homes to attract serious buyers and demonstrate how motivated you are to sell your client's homes. Pricing starting at $250, depending on size, location, and complexity of property.

*Please note, it is strongly recommended that clients/realtors utilize the services of a Stager prior to the photographer taking photos.

**Certain times of day are required to create certain exterior shots and are dependant on the availability of the photographer and proposed schedule. Additional fees apply for dusk exterior shoots. 

Commercial & Home Builder Properties

Whether you need to update your company website or feature a new build property, I can provide high quality images for all your marketing purposes. Please contact me for a customized quote.