Horse Photography

Personal Project - Equestrian Photography Session

Personal Project - Equestrian Photography Session

I was really excited to meet up with my friend Kaitlyn and her horse Ava for a fun natural equestrian shoot.  It was a perfect August evening and my goal was to make the images glow, as well as capture the connection between horse and rider in a calm and relaxed way. I only used one off camera flash to help balance the light and to avoid spooking Ava. This session definitely made me want to get back riding again soon!  

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Horses & Sunsets

It's been 10 years but I finally decided to take up horseback riding again.  The evening light was so amazing tonight and it inspired this random impromptu photo session.  No fancy gear, just my 50mm lens and some natural light.  I also had the fortune of spending some time at the stables with my aunt visiting from BC, my mother, and my instructor Charity (with her horse Yukon).  I think my riding skills are improving but my horse Reno often has other ideas, mostly of which involve just hanging out and ignoring me :)