My Favorite Photo Locations in Lethbridge

Are you looking for some ideas for your next family or portrait session? This summer I had the opportunity to explore some new cities and local Lethbridge locations.  Here's a list of some awesome local locations that you may want to choose when booking your Fall photo session:

Lethbridge Photographer

  1. Cottonwood Park (West Lethbridge) - This location has amazing views of the Old Man River, and is a short drive west on Metis Trail. It has wonderful trails and trees, although it's a bit of a steep hike down and up from the parking lot.  It makes for a good afternoon hike too!

  2. Aperture Park (West Lethbridge) - This small park is located next to the University and has a small pond and tons of trees. In fall, the colors are amazing and it's often less busy than other parks. 

  3. Lethbridge Research Station (South Lethbridge) - Just a short drive south of Lethbridge, this location has large trees and is well landscaped during the summer.  Although pre-booking is required, this is a popular wedding venue and great quiet location with lots of flowers and weeping willows! 

  4. Indian Battle Park (South Lethbridge) - Although a popular photo spot, I love that you don't feel like you're in a city anymore when you visit this location. On windy days, this is a great location with large sheltering trees with many different views. Plus north of the bridge is the Nature Centre which features numerous less-traveled trails.