What They Don't Teach in Art School

It's hard to believe that I started my photography business almost 13 years ago, back when I was shooting film and excited to finally have that University of Lethbridge B.F.A. under my belt. Oh, the things they DON'T teach you in Art School to prepare you for the real world!  It has been an educational decade with the ever-changing world of digital photography, as well as expanding my knowledge of different genres of photography along the way. After all these years, the one thing that HAS stayed consistent is my desire to continually learn and grow as a photographer and a person. Being an introvert photographer has it's challenges, but every few years I try to find a fun workshop or course to recharge my creativity and fuel my continued learning. 


Last month I met with a group of both newer and experienced photographers as part of the Real Adventures Workshop.  The sessions took place in Drumheller, thankfully before the summer desert heat rolled in, and it was great to mingle with other creative minds and also photograph some real life couples in the Badlands.  Thank you to all the organizers of the event and for the all the vendors that contributed to the styled photo sessions.  I was especially impressed with the featured couples who survived a whole six hours straight surrounded by some 20 different photographers lol.  I'm finally getting around to editing the photos and here's just a few samplings from the weekend...stay tuned for more!


Photographs taken while shooting at the @real.adventure.workshops with @crown_photo , @wildlovephotos , & @brzph0t0graphy

Hair: @hairbyk.phillips
Makeup: @samanthaadeleartistry  
Jewellery: @youfancyhuhjewellery
Velvet dress: @lulus